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PRX-T33 Protocol

Effortless Skin Revolution

A formula experimented over the years and covered by an international patent. Applied with a specific technique, it provides immediate aesthetic improvement and deep hydration. Repeating the number of sessions determined by the professional enhances the aesthetic effect. PRX-T33 is unique because it combines the effects of H202 and high concentrations of TCA.


Step One:
Boost Stiumlation

The practitioner applies PRX-T33 with a specalized massage technique.

Step Two:
Restore the Skin

After application, the skin needs nourishment and protection. WiQO moisturizing face cream for dry skin provides both restoring and hydrolipidic film thanks to its high content of high quality shea butter by supplying many active ingredients such as vitamin A and E nutritive substances and valuable plant extracts that benefit the skin.


Step Three:
Complete Application and Maintain

WiQO Facial Smoothing Fluid is good for all skin types. Extensively tested dermocosmetic product that contains low pH glycol acid (8%) with a balanced formula for the skin. Despite the pH value, the product is well tolerated by all skin types and does not cause a burning sensation if applied to unbroken skin. The product prolongs and enhances the dermal stimulation at home.


What is PRX-T33 TCA/H2O2 /KOJIC Perfect Intense Liquid? Is it a peel? 

PRX-T33 is not a peel since there is no “peeling” or frosting after application. A patented combination of ingredients helps to stimulate collagen formation and promote skin beautification. 

Why is PRX-T33 TCA/H2O2/KOJIC Perfect Intense Liquid different than a peel? 

There is no downtime associated with a standard “chemical peel” and the results are usually immediate after completion of the recommended protocol. The results are long-lasting. 

What are the benefits of this product? 

The product works well on its own to beautify or refresh the skin of the face, neck, decollete and body; or it can be used with any procedure to enhance them. It’s most commonly used on the face but can be used to improve stretch marks and recent depressed scars on the body.

Is there any discomfort during the application? 

PRX Protocol is generally well tolerated by most patients; only minimal itching or burning sensation during application is reported. This is considered normal.

How many applications do I need to see a difference in my skin? 

Usually one session is sufficient to see immediate results, however for long-lasting reversal of signs of aging, we recommend 4-6 treatments.

What should I expect immediately post-application? 

After application, your skin will look brighter, tighter and more rested. Some flaking may occur with some redness. This is alleviated by WiQO moisturizing cream.

What are the aftercare instructions? 

Immediately afterward and days following, application of WiQO moisturizing face cream and WiQO facial smoothing fluid are involved in the aftercare; your practitioner will provide these instructions. 

Effortless and Safe for the Consumer

• No needles
• Painless
• Your social life is not affected
• Non-photosensitizing, it can also be used in the Summer time
• 10-15 minutes needed to perform the application
• Provides immediate palpable firming


PRX-T33 with Microneedling

Improve Your Results with Compounding Treatments

PRX-T33 may be used as a combination treatment with microneedling to better enhance its beautifying effects; PRX-T is applied in the usual fashioned, immediately followed by microneedling; this creates a synergistic mechanism that provides multiple benefits such as skin tightening, lifting and collagen formation that will improve both texture and tone of the skin. This combination treatment is highly recommended for compounding results.

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PRX-T33 Pricing

PRX-T33: Treatment includes 4 treatments over one month; one session per week. $1000.00 ($250.00 per session).

PRX-T33 is awesome when combined with Microneedling!!

Winter Special!! One free Microneedling session with the purchase of 4 PRX-T33 treatments. Offer good through 12/31/2022!